Changing Names (Updating Rules)

Changing Names (Updating Rules)

Postby Nasty » July 20th, 2017, 11:26 pm

While I was on a 24hr mute/gag, I was informed near the end of it that changing my name is against the rules. After visiting the forums, I noticed there is no specification saying anything about loopholes in mute/gags regarding name changes; whether it is to inform others about being mute/gagged or even to relay the slightest bit of communication to anybody in the server. I am aware that it is implied that a mute/gag is an absolute silence from the user, but again, I had to be informed by an admin during gameplay that changing names is unacceptable. I feel as though it is an impromptu rule, and should officially be listed in the server rules section. Even though it may be 'common sense' for the user to not change names in the eyes of the admins, it may be 'common sense' to users to change names for communication purposes. Again, if rules (even ones that 'should be common sense') and all loopholes were thoroughly described and updated frequently, I feel as though this issue can be avoided in the future.

I appreciate your thought and input, and hope to see this implemented soon.
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Re: Changing Names (Updating Rules)

Postby Hatter » July 21st, 2017, 7:20 am

Changing your name is not against the rules unless you are doing it to communicate when you have a silence. It is considered a form of ban/silence evading like using an alt acct to get around a ban.

I will bring this up at the next staff meeting.
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