Bots on dustbowl

Bots on dustbowl

Postby SirChrits » November 16th, 2017, 12:24 am

If you have played dustbowl recently, you may have noticed that bots have been added, and will appear when there are less than 12 players. I think that the bots are degrading to gameplay, especially if you have spent a lot of time on the server in the past just messing around with a few people, or trying to 1v1 someone. People still join the server daily, more or less, and attempt to seed it, so adding bots to get the server seeded is not really even necessary, even if the server browser did not have a bot count. It can be incredibly frustrating if you are trying to play against friends and a bot demo comes out of nowhere to launch a crit pipe with perfect aim at you, while your bot medic is stuck on an afk heavy and refuses to leave spawn. Bots should not be removed entirely, but I think that there should be some way for an admin to disable them, or for a vote similar to !sausage that allows players to remove the bots. I think it will greatly increase quality of play, especially since not all players want to play tryhard dustbowl.
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Re: Bots on dustbowl

Postby Ohdang3011 » November 17th, 2017, 8:17 pm

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Re: Bots on dustbowl

Postby Hatter » November 17th, 2017, 8:37 pm

I feel the same about the bots...useful at times, but downright annoying at others because there seems to be great discrepancies in the level of bot play:

One side will have an engie bot that is super aggressive with teleporters and sentries, while the other will struggle to get a tele built 5-6 mins into the match. One medic will pop uber at ideal times and the other will drop several full charges in a row while his heal target dies over and over. I have even seen a blu engie on stage 1 build a trollish tele from the spawn door with an exit 5-6 feet away in the shed with the health pack...after the first point has already been capped and we are working on 2nd. One medic will follow his heal target to the end of the earth, while the other will seemingly never leave the spawn (this may be due to class choice or a power-class playing human being afk). Sometimes the medics will ignore people on fire with next to no health left, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to their play at times.

We (some of the regular seeders) developed alternate games to play when the server pop was low...1v1 or 2v2 picking random classes on each death, a payload sort of game where a slow moving non combatant (i.e spycrab) has to cap (and cannot shoot) and the rest of his team can only protect him from the other team (and are not able to cap), sniper duels, etc. Sometimes we had so much fun playing them that we were almost disappointed when other players showed up (but everyone prefers a full server so we'd get over it quickly). These are all impossible to do with the bots because they always seem to go full tryhard mode with heavy/med combos (Iv'e seen two sets on one bot team), level3 engies, aimbot snipers, and always capping as soon as possible (giving us more exciting time waiting in setup).

Sometimes the bots are fun to play with, but it usually gets old pretty quick. An admin or vote option to turn them on or off would be great if it is possible to do.
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