"About Me" Subforum

"About Me" Subforum

Postby killerlance » March 23rd, 2014, 4:33 pm

So, I was wondering if there could be a new subforum under General Discussion.
Something along the lines of being an "About Me" page.

Skiver members, if they so wish can post things about themselves.

From stuff like Sweety's thing (yes, this idea partially stemmed off of that, and
partially because an old clan from another game I used to play had this as a
subforum, once upon a time) to just a general, "Hey, I'm a guy/girl!"

After all we're a family, right? Shouldn't we get to know our "brothers" and "sisters" ?
At least, if they want to be known by the other Skivers.

I dunno, it's just an idea.
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