What is a Skiver?

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What is a Skiver?

Postby Phaiz » February 25th, 2014, 1:00 am

That which lies before you has not always been
For there was no love and only sin
The creator was kind to give us breath
Constructing us from certain death

You may be wondering, what is a Skiver? In order to obtain that answer I must interview our true creator, Doc O'Neill himself.

He starts us off with a philosophical yet rudimentary quote.
"Some people see the glass as half full, some see it as half empty, a Skiver sees that you have the wrong size glass."
-O'Neill 2014 Anno Domini

What is a Skiver?
I have been asked this question often as of late.
Its not quite the right question, the question should be,
“Why is a Skiver?”
Skivers want the best, the best things and the best times
and the best people around them.
How do we accomplish this?
We become efficient in the use of our resources
We get the right people to do the right things
A popular term these days is ‘crowd sourcing’
This new idea has been around since the Skivers first met in 1980
Some call us lazy but we are not
We conserve our energy and expend it when it is most useful.
Why are we so nice?
Because if everyone around you is happy then everything that you try to accomplish is easier.
Ultimately to start thinking this way one must have a certain awareness of the world around them
and be able to ‘know’ who and when to get things done.
Michaelangelo said
“There are those who see,
those who see when they are shown
and those who don’t see.”
Natural born Skivers are among those who see
Those who discover that they are Skiver are those who see when they are shown.
So, Why is a Skiver?
because we see.
Some search never finding a way, before long they waste away.
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