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Donating Information

PostPosted: February 26th, 2014, 11:18 am
by Phaiz
Help your community by showing your support and donating! Due to quick play policy, we are limited to what we can offer.

Donating may not work with Internet Explorer
Browsers currently supported:

Why should you donate?
Donating isn't just about getting perks. It's also about supporting the servers you enjoy playing on. Our goal is to provide the experience you are looking for as well as enjoy, and by donating you help ensure our continued growth and presence.

How your donation is handled:
All funds are managed by one person
Donations are made directly to the same Paypal account that handles automatic server payments
We do not receive any of your personal information as it is handled by PayPal

How your donation is put to use:
Funds are used primarily to pay for our servers however these funds are also used for outside services such as private coding for server plugins. These funds are also used for the development of the Skiver community and its' websites

How you may donate:
Follow the link below to donate via PayPal
Donate with keys through our middleman here

We currently offer the following perks:

Regular Servers
1. End of round immunity
2. Auto balance immunity**
3. Auto scramble immunity**
4. Full forum access
5. No ads in game
6. Extra Stamm chat colors and tags
7. In-game voting (voteban, kick, silence)
8. Reserved slot via console connect

Custom Map Server (Skiver Orange)
1. All "Quick-Play Server" perks plus
2. Be the Robot - use !robot to enable/disable
3. Bypass class limits!
4. Reserved slot (will kick a non donor if the server is full when you join)
Possibly more coming soon!

** It is possible to still be auto balanced and/or scrambled during unique situations but it is a rare occurrence.

You may choose any amount to donate however you must donate a minimum of $5.00 for each month you wish to have perks.

Donation Packages:

$5-$45 = 31 days of perks per $5.

Community Asset - two free months per year
$50+ = 37 days of perks per $5. ($50 = 365days)

When entering your information be sure you are checking the "Donor Plus" box (see image below) if you are donating $50 or more. Should you not check that box you will only receive 310 days of perks instead of 365!
This is just an image and not where you donate.

If this is your first donation, please message me with your Steam ID and I will enable your forum access and title.

You may also see your Stamm related donor perks here as well as your donation expiration date.


Revised 10-17-17

Re: Donating

PostPosted: April 9th, 2014, 9:12 am
by Phaiz
Added the following perks for active donors

Autobalance immunity
Autoscramble immunity

Re: Donating Information

PostPosted: December 3rd, 2014, 2:33 am
by Phaiz
Added "Be the robot" to Orange for donors/admins. Use !robot to enable or disable this. Currently there are no robot sounds associated with this and only the default taunt is visible.
Added class limit bypass for donors