Appeal Format (YOU MUST USE THIS)

You may appeal your ban or silence here

Appeal Format (YOU MUST USE THIS)

Postby Phaiz » March 3rd, 2014, 9:15 am

If you want to appeal your ban or silence you need to follow these instructions then use the given format:

1. Go to
2. Search for your ban/silence using your SteamID2 (not SteamID3!). Please note you must search for bans and silences within their respective tabs.
3. Locate your Steam ID either from your HLstats profile or by using the method provided here

Please copy and paste this format:

1) Your steam ID -

2) I am appealing a (ban or silence) -

3) Direct link to your ban or silence -

4) Reasons you should be unbanned -

5) Any evidence you have to support your case -

If it is decided that you were wrongfully banned it will be removed from your record.
If you were banned for hacking, your ban will not be removed unless it is proven to be false.

Any appeals not following this format will be ignored until it is fixed.
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Re: Appealing a ban or silence

Postby Bigdog » March 3rd, 2014, 5:40 pm

Also you need to understand this WILL take time as only admins will be reviewing your appeal and will decide on the matter. But as phaiz said, any proof to help show the ban was unjust would be good to show.

On rare occasions will SMAC bans be lifted. If you feel that you were wrongfully banned by SMAC, please MESSAGE me your appeal.
Note: Any SMAC ban appeals will be ignored, only ones sent to me via message will be reviewed.


All SMAC appeals should be treated the same as any other appeal

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