Extended Silence by Phaiz over the definition of trash talk

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Extended Silence by Phaiz over the definition of trash talk

Postby Angora (cC) » June 14th, 2017, 3:45 pm

Disagreement over Phaiz's comments that "Everyone was using an Eyelander, get with the program" and other such things during some demoknighting on the Skiver Orange server (a server I come and go to frequently and never even knew Phaiz was an admin on) lead to discussion of which one was more OP, followed by Phaiz saying he was "Just trash-Talking", which lead to the two of us disagreeing over the definition of trash-talking. The next thing I know, he's calling me upset and tells me last warning at the end of a comment ending in "Or else", followed by me saying "Or else what?" (Please keep in mind that at the time, I'd never seen Phaiz on the server before, and a few server regulars have [SKVR] in their names without being admins) and It's followed be an extended mute of 1440 minutes and an "I guess or else that" from Phaiz. The reason given by him was admin disrespect. Both I and Drago (another player online at the time of the extended mute) Agree that I was not being disrespectful. I did not swear at him or raise my voice to him, nor was I belligerent. If I remember correctly, it was only about 8 sentences between the two of us until I was muted. Finally, I'd like to post the definition of Trash talk that I found, simply to clear up any misconceptions on what the definition that I was speaking from was.
"insulting or boastful speech intended to demoralize, intimidate, or humiliate someone, especially an opponent in an athletic contest."
Phaiz was not doing any of that, all it came across as was complaining.
My in-game Steam ID at the time was Angora (cC) just as it is now, and I'll be happy to answer any questions on steam.
Also I was not provided a link to the forums by Phaiz beforehand or after being silenced, I had to hunt this place down on my own. It seems a bit difficult to appeal when you're given no link to the website.
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Re: Extended Silence by Phaiz over the definition of trash t

Postby Phaiz » June 14th, 2017, 4:53 pm

Please use the required appeal format here Also 1440 minutes is 24 hours, the default and minimum duration for first time bans or silences.

Friendly trash talking is something that happens across all Skiver servers, in fact all TF2 servers. Usually people pick up on this but occasionally someone, such as yourself, doesn't quite understand it. I'm not trying to insult you for that - I'm just stating an observation from my 10 years of TF2. Multiple demos, myself included, were melee fighting and as far as I could tell we were all having fun. Yeah some trash talk ensued about how the zatoichi gives an unfair advantage over the eyelander because it heals/overheals and one shots all other demos on a crit server. Drago thought I was complaining so I stopped because I have no interest in causing drama or having drama on my servers. You on the other hand decided to go into what sounded like a wiki page read through on the differences between the two weapons and for whatever reason wouldn't listen up when I told you it's irrelevant on a crit server and to just drop it (as I did). You also claim to have not known I was an admin even though I used /csay (center screen text) a few times.

If people get upset over friendly trash talk I stop doing it and we all drop it. You decided not to drop it.
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