PSA: Reporting a Problem and How to use this Subforum

Report a player breaking the rules here

PSA: Reporting a Problem and How to use this Subforum

Postby Justin » February 29th, 2016, 9:20 am

This is a simple 'How to' guide on what to do if you see something wrong happen on SKVR servers or forums.

Step 0. Know the Rules

Double check our Rules (stickied on the forum). If you are (knowingly) falsely reporting issues, you will receive a punishment - this does not include being wrong about someone hacking.

Step 1. Get an Admin

If you are in server, the chat command !admins will tell you which admins are online at the moment and will open up MOTD for the Skiver Admin Steam Group. You can add any admin through this Steam group to talk about whatever is going on & they should be able to assist you. Remember that our admins do have lives outside of TF2, so if they are busy just add a different admin.

You can also use the forums to find admins. By clicking 'The team' at the bottom of the forum, you will be directed to this page memberlist.php?mode=leaders . Contact anyone under the 'Moderators' category first!

If you are able to, feel free to record a demo before getting an admin because sometimes players will stop when an admin comes on (especially hackers).

If and only if no admins are on should you go to Step 2.

Step 2. Record a demo

The easist way to get proof of whatever you need help with is to record a demo.

To do this open up console (via the key above Tab and next to the number 1) and type 'record title'. Where title should be replaced with whatever you wish to call the demo (your username or the offender's username are the best options here).

Try to keep these short, but once you have enough type 'stop' into console.

Here's a short Youtube video on recording a demo:

Step 3. Host the demo file online

Put the file on the internet where you want, Admins will download this later & view it so make sure you can post a sharelink.

Step 4. Use the Reporing Subforum

Make sure to use the Report template (Seen bellow). Remember to keep the report as unbiased as possible. Strive to report only facts here.

REPORT SUBJECT - "Player name - incident"


Players name

Players steamID (type status into console to get this, it looks like this: U:1:64967262)

Players hlstats page (You can find their direct profile by searching for their steam ID on the stats search page)

Link of any uploaded demo

Description of what player was doing to break rules

Step 5. Follow Up

Make sure to visit the forums again, especially in the next 48 hours, so that you can provide any clarification or extra information if Admins ask for it in the report thread.
Need something? Send me a PM here and I will get to it within 48 hours, or add me on Steam and I will get to it eventually -

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