Report template (YOU MUST USE THIS)

Report a player breaking the rules here

Report template (YOU MUST USE THIS)

Postby Phaiz » March 24th, 2014, 10:06 pm

Do not "request" bans or silences. That decision will be made by staff members handling the report.
Please do not report players for voice chat (microphone) related issues unless you have a demo of it happening.

If you are reporting a player use this template.

If you are unsure how to get a players steam ID, type status in the console in game. This will provide a list of all players currently on the server as well as their steam ID.

REPORT SUBJECT - "Player name - incident"

Which Server-
Date and Time-
Players Name-
Players SteamID-
Players Stats page- (You can find their direct profile by searching for their steam ID on the stats search page)
Link of any uploaded demo - you may directly upload demos to after you create a free account, then provide the download link here.

Description of what player was doing to break rules

**You do not need to ask us to ban them, we will make that decision**

Failing to use this template may result in no action until it is fixed.
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