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Postby OttotheAsian » February 11th, 2016, 2:39 am

Server where problem occurred - All of em

Time of day when problem occured (including time zone) - All the time

Detailed explanation of problem - So player Christian ( ... yer=114189) I've notice has been Ottobalanced (Is there a way we can switch the text when that happens in game so I don't hafta spam my bind? ;D) a lot. I'm talking 6 times a game where he has had varied scores in full servers across all the servers. I've noticed this going on for days now and it's amusing and sad to watch. I almost feel like he's being targeted by the system somehow because of how many times he's been Ottoblanced™. I'm not exaggerating either. I don't see a way atm to count the number of times it's happened to him in the past week but I've noticed it up to 6 times in one session. Just thought I'd put it here in case someone might have an idea what's going on.
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Re: Ottobalance

Postby Phaiz » February 11th, 2016, 2:52 am

Auto balances are somewhat random but there are a few ways to avoid it besides the obvious options of becoming an admin or a donor. Engies with buildings and medics with at least a 50% charge should not be switched to the other team

1. Be one of the top 2 players (by score) on your team
2. Be an engie with buildings
3. Have 50% or more of a charged medigun
4. Touch a CTF flag (30 sec immunity)
4. Deploy an uber (30 sec immunity)
5. Kill a charged medic (30 sec immunity)
6. Touch a control point (30 sec immunity)
7. Capture point (30 sec immunity)
8. Block a capture (30 sec immunity)
9. Place a sapper (30 sec immunity)
10. Destroy an engie building (30 sec immunity)
11. Extinguish a player (30 sec immunity)

Besides the above, its entirely random.
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Re: Ottobalance

Postby hawkesnightmare » February 13th, 2016, 3:58 am

Well as Phaiz pointed out, those things give you immunity, so if most of his team did those things and he did not, then the selection for who it can balance is smaller, making his odds higher. It could just be that he was doing bad during that time period and kept getting a string of balances. Class Wars had a lot of Medic matchups today too. It happens.
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Re: Ottobalance

Postby Hatter » February 13th, 2016, 9:38 am

Before I was a seeder/admin I was one of those players who was auto balanced all the time. I have no idea if my theories are true, they are just based off what I've seen or experienced.

To me there are two types of players, those who play somewhat passively: IE those people who stay mid on Dustbowl stage 2 and guard the mid building/tunnel entrance area waiting for other people to push forward, or guarding a tunnel with a sticky trap, or sniping and waiting for someone to come around the corner. They are the players who will sit in the back of the spawn when its being camped and not meet the enemy face to face. Then there are the aggressive players who are constantly trying to push forward, always leading the charge, always being in the thick of the action, being the person who will go around that corner and draw the enemy fire. These are the players who will try to fight their way out of a spawncamp. I consider myself one of the latter.

Those aggressive players are obviously more likely to get killed and subsequently balanced to other team. It seemed to me the last person killed who didn't get one of the immunities that phaiz listed would be the one who was balanced.

When I would see the message warning that "teams will be balanced in 10 secs" and then got balanced without being killed, it seemed that I was the closest person to the "front line" or the opposing spawn. Nocdonkey would always try to get the blu tele at their spawn, and I would see him get balanced a lot as well, he was also an aggressive player IMO. It makes sense to me, if a team is down players and are being overrun, the best way to even it out would be to take the enemy/enemies closest to them and switch them over.

But back to Christian, I see him play all the time and I would consider him as one the the "aggressive" players as well as many other regulars who I see get balanced often.

Just my $0.02.
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