Dustbowl & Classwars #1 Teleporting Lag

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Dustbowl & Classwars #1 Teleporting Lag

Postby Bwainz » April 13th, 2016, 11:04 pm

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Server where problem occurred - Dustbowl & Classwars#1

Time of day when problem occured (including time zone) - around 10:50pm EST until 11pm EST (that's when i left the servers)

Detailed explanation of problem - I was experiencing that teleporting lag on Dustbowl, I shrugged it off as my internet having a meltdown until I saw another player comment on the lag. I went to Classwars #1 to see if the lag happened there as well, which it was. I asked on the server if anyone was experiencing the lag, and a couple people said yes they were.
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