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Postby NerdysZerri » March 15th, 2017, 10:39 pm

Recently I've have conversations with my "friends", you know the people on you're friend list that might not be as close to you as you may think. However, after we broke the silence of not talking for a couple of months the usual " Hi/ We haven't talked in awhile" followed with the "How are you, good you", etc. Anyways I've gotten some positive responses such as "good, hbu", "great thanks", "meh", etc, however I get more of the opposite more than I thought I would which sort of breaks my heart especially when I try to open myself to them. This brings me into my topic, I'm not the best with talking, but I'm human just like everyone else and I have problems like you do so I've started with I guess "counciling people" in a way. They come and talk to me about their problems/their love ones or either vent a frustration on me to calm them down( I do no think this is the best thing to do if you're frustrated but if it works then it works), and even more personal and person to person talk if you need it. My morals is everyone is human,; I don't care about your label, your skin tone, your religion, your view, your ethnicity, your choices in life, because it all doesn't matter all of us are the same and no individual should deserve to be treated differently.

A personal experience of mine, let's say girl E loves guy J. Now they're best friend and it takes them approximently till 11th Grade to actually share their feelings for one another( he actually took that long =///=), anyways skip to college and the separation and struggle of a relationship which results in guy J breaking up with girl E. Girl E and guy J, rarely see each other and resort to talking via text both not knowing how the other truly is or feeling. Guy J is sincere and girl E the nice girl, upon winter break they come to girl E's house for Christmas. All goes well and a few days later girl E tried to commit suicide through overdosing, however guy J is there to stop her in time. After the entire ordeal guy J confronts girl E, he plays the role of the listener and comforter and girl E the griever who tells him all of her problems. What would have happen if guy J never existed or be there for girl E?
As far back as prelimary girl E was bullied for being Asian, ugly, short, the entire thing that sadly comes with the labeling of groups. She survives all of this unknowingly as she's ignorant up through middle school. Now high school it gets worst and becomes harassment, emotionally and psychologically for the most part, but almost physical. Did you also know that girl E has a little sister who people call mentally retarted, you know thoughts people sound like girl E's bullies when she was younger, she has problems sure but she's human too, so why do they do this to a defenseless girl?

We're all humans and we deserve to be respected and treated equally. I do not want to embarrass anyone ,so I would recommend that if you need me to add me on steam, discord, or even skype so that we can talk more privately.

Discord: Mina-noona❤ #9057
Skype: nerdystheloner

Add Me: @Mina-noona❤

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Just tell him that you love him! Why won't you tell him?! Two people in love can be togther, isn't that a good thing?! It's something I can't have no matter how much I want it, but you can! Yet all you do is make excuses and run!

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