two vows

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two vows

Postby Doc ONeill » January 6th, 2015, 9:56 pm

In the fading hours,
where light is weak,
and day gets
with night,
nestled in between,
the fading recesses
of conscious thought,
one finds

As I take my journey I will make two vows

The first one is to not talk about inconsequential things.
The second is to only say what will uplift someone and not to put any weight of uncomfortable things on peoples shoulders.

so, as far as my path will take me whether to far of shores never to return or when the path leads me back to where I have been before I will speak little but say much.
I will gather stories of joy.
spread warmth instead of cold
give hope where I can and comfort where its needed.

so if you need either hope or comfort come find me on the path
it shouldn't be hard to find me.
I will be the one sitting under a tree in the shade waving at passers by.
come sit with me a bit and share a story
or sit beside me and cry and I will cry with you.

See you on the way!
Doc ONeill
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