The bitter cold of reality

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The bitter cold of reality

Postby Doc ONeill » January 8th, 2015, 9:07 am

up high on the mountain I stand in the bitter cold of reality.
I am alone up here, not even deer come up this high and the air is thinner and colder than the little village down below in the valley where smoke rises lazily from the chimneys.
As I am stuck inside my mind my thoughts turn to the coldness. There is one thing that conquers the coldness of the fact that I am alone in my suffering and that is compassion.
When one soul has compassion for another it warms the spirit and eases the pain of knowing that we are ultimately alone in the world. And now that I have gone some distance on the path to self knowledge and meaning I began to realize that I lack compassion for myself! I have always practiced compassion even though at times it is painful and difficult but I neglected myself, never gave to myself that which I freely and gladly gave others.
So I sit up on this lonely mountain in the cold reality of my loneliness and try to practice my compassion on myself. Right now it feels like I am just pitying myself, feeling sorry for me, being selfish.
But why should I not deserve compassion from myself?
So, I think I will spend some time on top of this lonely mountain, in the cold and try to learn how to self start a fire of compassion to warm myself.
As I watch the village below with their fires of compassion warming their homes and hope they have enough to keep them warm through the cold bitter winter that is reality.
Doc ONeill
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