The village

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The village

Postby Doc ONeill » January 8th, 2015, 8:19 pm

As I sit and watch this little village from this remote vantage point I begin to see that it is divided into four sections. The old section of town is is bustling with shoppers going from store to store and small carts on tracks moving goods from one place to another.
Across a small bridge that fords a small stream lies the newer section of town and it seems to be changing colors as I watch yet I see no one painting anything. The whole area appears to be turning green, the house, the gardens and the trees all seem a little greener than before.
To the west of the new green zone is a strange, almost industrial part of town although I can see few people there or activity going on.
And finally, at the edge of town on the North side lies abandoned and dark, not a soul is there. I wonder why.

I watch through the night as the village appears to change constantly yet overall not changing a bit. I am distracted by the predawn glow of the oncoming dawn and I am amazed at how firey orange it is. It takes my breath away. That is until I notice that the orange light is coming from the South! Thats no sunrise! At first I think it must be a forest fire destroying a vast amount of land but after some time I realise that it is not changing, no brighter or more intense, it just is.
Its far off to the South, back where he had come from, and he felt the urge to run back and see what was happening. But, we cannot go back to where we came from for in doing so would render that place different thus, you have ’returned’ to a place you have never been to before.
One must continue forward, ever pressing towards new things, new ideas, new ways of doing things and as you move forward you become someone different than you were, you become more you. So again, if you go back, you are not who you were the last time you were here.
In the end ‘going back’ is impossible. You would be a different person in a different place and then you would sit and wonder why it felt different or was not as satisfying.

The actual sun came up on the village and it glowed, beautiful and happy as the early morning bustle begins. I think I will sit a while longer and ponder this little village and its inhabitants.

(pardon me but I am building a rather bulky metaphor here, I beg your patience.)
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