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PSA: Game Performance

Postby Justin » December 24th, 2015, 11:51 am

I know many people have been complaining about even worse performance since the Tough Break Update which had some performance optimizations. I was among these until I tried one of the older IT methods of fixing problems - disable everything and try to run vanilla. My frames are back over 200/s almost all the time, something I haven't seen since pre-GunMettle.

Here's How:
Back up your config, delete it and run tf2 (make sure CloudSync is off). Remember the command to show fps is cl_showfps 1/2 (1=actual, 2=smoothed).
Set your video settings to whatever TF2 thinks you should be at (DX9 has pretty good performance now but does have more 'clutter', it will be needed for MatchMaking).
If you want to save any non-default settings to a new config file you can use the command 'host_writeconfig (name of config, not just "config") full'. You'll be able to execute that config if you want to do further testing.

The amount of hours I'd spent optimizing my config over the years make me wish I was joking, but there's starting to be more reports of others finding the same thing (Reddit, (Oh look, someone did a better write-up than me), facepunch). With the last few updates we've been seeing more options added to the Options menus that were only available via console commands, pairing that with the actual improved performance (and B4nny's stream last night) it is easy to see that Valve is trying to get behind TF2 again. They're trying to normalize how the game looks on streams to how f2p's view the game when they first join-up. It really is a new age for the game.
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