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TF2 Theorys: Heavy

Postby clulessgamer » September 14th, 2016, 10:08 pm

So after making the soldier theory I thought about each merc and their mental stability.
The Heavy is suffering from isolation sickness. This can come in many forms such as hearing voices, feeling things that are not there, and "naming and talking to inanimate objects". To start we will be jumping ahead 37 years to the year 2005(if you want to know how I got that number we can discuss that later) and the time that Portal 1 takes place. For those of you who have not played Portal, prepare for MINOR SPOILERS. As Chell is going the original test Doug Rattmann aka Rat Man is also trying to escape GLaDOS. In the comics it is shown that he is talking to a companion cube. Note "naming and talking to inanimate objects". He has been all alone living behind the test chambers, nothing to do, but run and find companion cubes. Now back to the Heavy. The Heavy's father, a counter-revolutionary, is killed. The Heavy and his family are deported to a North Siberian gulag. For those of you who are wondering what a gulag is, it is a work camp. A few months later the entire camp is overrun and everybody escape. Now here are a couple critical facts. Heavy would have been a child at this point in time. Gulag camps were notorious for organization of production in places of confinement. Children are more susceptible to isolation sickness. So even though Heavy was more than likely in isolation for only a few months, it would have stuck with him for a good while if not till his death (perma death). Along with this he disappears until the gravel wars, possibly more time of isolation, giving him time to find and name his weapons.

The next (if you guys want this still) is the Medic and why he lost his medical licences.
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