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TF2 Theorys: Scout

Postby clulessgamer » October 4th, 2016, 6:46 pm

So we now come to the Scout, the quick running, sugar hyped, bat swinging, depression dealing, double jumping merc. Wait what was that last part? Double jumping?! SWEET! No no no before that. The Scout is depressed? Yes, that is today's theory. So let us begin on a long winding path that is his psyche. So here is what we know about the Scout.

1. Some of his weapons give self damage
2. He takes almost nothing seriously
3. Has abandonment issues
4. He loves to run

Point number 1: His weapons give self harm along with his running into combat first play-style. So one of the biggest signs of depression is self harm. This is the saddest and deepest part of depression and can be hard to recover from. It is most commonly related with cutting wrist or arms, cutting off circulation, and even suicide. Now the Scout may not do this exactly, but his forms of self-harm are found mainly in his weaponry. The Boston Basher that causes self bleeding when miss, the atomizer which causes damage on third jump. The candy cane which causes him to take more damage, and the two sodas which have more than enough sugar to give cardiac arrest and are irradiated. Each of these seem to be a way of self harm, killing the Scout, some slower than others. This is a big RED ALERT to his state.

Point 2: He is constantly laughing and joyful. Every time we see the Scout he is always laughing and cheerful. This is another common sign of depression, a person is always happy and never sad. They don't want to bring down the people around them or sometimes just want to deal with their problems themselves. The only time that we see the Scout truly is sad is during the Expiration Date when he tells Ms. Pauling that he is dying. The one person he really cares about, that keeps him going and he is about to go, and not through his own terms, right with her, and he can barely contain his feelings at that moment. But when he finds out he is going to live, he sinks right back to depression.

Point 3: The Scout has been dealing with abandonment his whole life. First was his father who abandoned him when he was a baby, where he then later had to take the odd jobs to help support his mother such as selling hot dogs(Hot Dogger), being a milk mann(Milkman), and being a fried chicken mascot(The Deep-Fried Dummy set) before finding a better paying job, with the mercs. Even then he is either the first out the door, or the last, putting himself away from the rest because that is all that he is used to. He doesn't know how to socialize which is obvious through his interactions that we can see and the two most prominent are, again, in ED. First is he asks the spy to teach him how to court Ms. Pauling and he simply asks the *ahem* "chicken tramp" (I couldn't create these names if I tried) if she wants to do it simply because they both have chicken. Both show that he does not have a rich history in interacting with people.

Point 4: Running is one of the only things that I honestly not connect any comics, cosmetics, or even weapons directly to depression. But after having a friend who was dealing with depression(they are fine now), they used to run, every day. It is something to keep their mind off of what is dragging them down, and it keeps them going. Some people use other methods such as working out or even cooking, but in the end it keeps them on track, and wanting to keep going although it does not always work that way. The Scout is running from his troubles, both the ones chasing him away from the point, and the ones that are chasing him from a normal life.

So the fun loving, constantly chuckling, fast running merc has a deeper history than we all expected just like the rest...or do they (dramatic ending leading up to the finale through the last few storys)
Next is the engineer and I will be giving just a few more days for you guys to give me ideas on what I can use for him(I do have something in mind, but I will attempt to fit in any that you guys give me).
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