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TF2 Theorys: Engineer

Postby clulessgamer » October 9th, 2016, 10:29 am

YEEHAW, GIDDIUP PARDER and all that jazz. You guessed it, AUNT MARTHA! No but seriously though now comes the lazy powerhouse, the gunslingering, the beer drinking, the genius the Engineer. But what if I told you Grey Mann built him. Yes I am proposing that the Engineer is a robot prototype that went rogue. As usual we will be covering cosmetics, weapons, cannon sources, and their behavior.

1. His cosmetics are robotic based.
2. His weaponry is highly futuristic.
3. Simply how he acts to different situations.

1. Many of the cosmetics seem to have him with either robotic parts such as the Roboot, Dead'er Alive, Beep Man, Tiny Texan, Iron Fist, and Special Eyes. And then we also have items that keep him alive such as Iron Lung and Life Support System. So the robotic parts seem to replace critical parts of the body. And never before have we seen a robotic part actually replace a functional body part. And for Items such as Beep Man and Iron fist, they are early prototype parts that were eventually replaced by more realistic parts.

2. So each of his weapons are futuristic and seem to connect him to his buildings. This is not exactly something that a person would be able to do. Some examples are metal (where does he keep it?) the jag (he gets struck by lightning, not exactly something a human can survive) and most recently the widowmaker (adds a damage bonus for hitting same target). And not to mention he seems to take his buildings just a bit to seriously.

3. So now it gets tricky, the Engineers behavioral pasterns. So we can see that he appears to be a causal person/robot thingy. He does not like to be called by his full name and he is ready to causally drink a beer after transplanting a brain to a pumpkin with no remorse towards the person(could be debatable that all mercs are like this). Now that does not say much, but what if we plug that into what we have above. We get a synth, aka synthetic humanoids aka androids. Now if we look at synths throughout other games, literature, and moves, and all share the same idea...They cannot be detected until it is too late or until they reveal themselves. So Grey Mann has built a self learning AI that started off bulky, only to eventually go on to replace one of the mercs without the rest noticing. Any time he begins to fall apart he just brushes it off as a "bodily upgrade" and the only person who would be the closest to figuring out his secret is the Medic, however we know from before that the Medic has no idea what he is doing. What his plans are for the future of the mercs and the rest are unknown, except for one, the one merc who actually knows what is going on, but we are saving that for a later date.

Once again I really do hope you guys are enjoying these and I do appreciate the feedback on these. So up next is the Spy and soon to be followed by the Sniper with it all wrapping up on the Demo. I still need some theory's for Spy and Sniper and keep in mind that any and all theory's will be researched and you will get credit for the theory. It does not matter the size of the theory, and I will fit in as many as possible.
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