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TF2 Theorys: Spy

Postby clulessgamer » October 14th, 2016, 9:06 pm

That writer is a Spy. Yes I admit it, I am a Spy. And after so many years of not being able to tell anybody it feels good to get it ounhukzshfnsj. Apologies, I just snapped Clue's neck because I though he was a Spy. But he did not turn red and now we don't have any full length theories because I killed him before he even got a chance to write them down. So here are some mini theories that he had been working on.

Theory 1. (Credit to Artichoke for this one) "For Spy, I don't know if this would be good evidence but in the French version of TF2 instead of a French accent he has a British accent. Could be evidence of him not really being of French descent." So where to begin. Lets start with his guns. If we look at french weaponry used around WW2 era there are few handguns and there are only 3 revolver type guns. One strikingly resembles the lugermorph, but that is used by Engineer and Scout so that does not count. The only other two revolvers are French Modèle 1873 revolvers and Modèle 1892 revolvers. Now both of these do not resemble any of Spy's guns other than having a revolver model. And one more critical detail on these, all of Spy's revolvers are engraved which is an American thing to do, as any showy parts on guns are not commonly found in other countries, especially during wars. One more thing is his knives. The only French made combat knives that we could find were flip and throwing knives. And all of Spy's knives are butterfly knives or solid handle knives.

Theory 2. The Spy's stabs are not lethal. Now in the game you will notice the characters reaching for their back and then freeze and fall down "dead". But with a stab wound like that the most it could do is cause paralysis either from shock or damaging of the spine. A stab to the face or even to the chest would be much more lethal. There have even been reports of people having knives or shrapnel launched into the back of their skull, and walking away fine, only feeling a slight migraine until somebody alerts them of the injury.

Theory 3. The Disguise Kit cigars are laced with cyanide. Now it was not uncommon for a spy during wars to have cigars laced with poison so that if they were ever caught they could ask if they could smoke (and they normally would let them) and kill themselves before they could give away any information. They also bite down on a fake tooth to activate a counter agent to keep them in a state of "death" for several hours until they could get out of the body pile and escape. So the Spy is using some deadly methods to hide among the other team.

Theory 4. The Spy is a Spy. Turns out this is just a RED herring. Like the blood on my boots, HAHA.

Hold on I just heard Clue moaning...Good news Clue is not dead, bad news we are in the presence of a wizard. QUICKLY TO THE WINDOW. Ok so I just woke up with the worlds worst headache after somebody violently twisting my head. Annnnd the theories are all written for me and my window is broken. There is somebody now running wildly down the street and yelling something about Merasmus and how he is going to do something with a boot. Weird, but less work for me.

Just keep in mind that theorys for the Sniper are still open and I will add as many as I can. I will also attempt to get the Demo out soon after that to wrap up this series. And I have set up a discord chat where of all these theorys and more througout different game series will be kept in the future just to keep it all nice and tidy and extend the fun. It will be a bit more open setting and it would be awsome if everybody contributited, even if it is something for other people to search for(even if I end up researching them all if thats what you guys want) I am still working on it but if you want in just let me know and I will get you in ASAP
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