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TF2 Theorys: Sniper

Postby clulessgamer » October 27th, 2016, 10:14 pm

I fired, then I missed, and then I fired and fired again, missed both times. This is a basic summary on my experience playing Sniper who coincidentally is who we will be talking about today. And once again it is time for some mini theories. So prepare to learn something that you did not know before.

1. So my friend had found out I was doing theories and asked me how does the scope in mechanic work. Ok so let us start with the simplest part the scope. So we know that it charges and creates a laser dot. This is actually plausible as there are many scopes that have distance calculators and powerful laser pointers on them.

2. There is one that I would topic I really would like to cover, the Machina. So we know it can penetrate people, is extremely loud, and has a trail for its shots. Now the average rifle can shoot a bullet at about 1,7000 mph which can shoot through 2-3 people, at about 250 yards. That is way to close for a sniper to be effective and it would have to travel through the body without hitting bone. So lets look at a few parts of the gun. +15% damage and cannot fire unless zoomed. Ok and now one more interesting bit. It has a fluted barrel, which is that cut in the end of the barrel. This is sometimes used if the bullet is traveling so fast that it has a chance to melt or even soften the barrel. I believe that the Machina is a railgun. Now I can hear you saying "but Clue, railguns shoot 23 pound projectile and is mounted to the ground, a human can lift that." And I say good job on doing your research, however a handheld railgun has been created that can shoot rounds at about 560 mph. Now this may not be as close to a regular gun, but keep in mind this guy is a civilian, not a engineer, not from NASA and not part of the military. This thing can shoot a payload at about the force of 4 tons of TNT at full power in one concentrated spot.

3. The Razorback is magical. So if we look at it we can see that it has a battery and a few wires just taped on the back. But the issue is that wood does not transfer electricity. This becomes problematic because even if the spy stabs one of the wires, it sill needs to come into contact with the other wire. And if it did, that would not be enough to causes the spy's arm to be immobile for a short time while allowing him to walk away. In many myths and legends there are tales of a cloak or shirt that prevents the wearer from being attacked from behind that is given by a divine being and often times items such as this would disappear after use.

BONUS THEORY - So after re-reading the comics for the something-ith time now, I just realized what the Administrator says that she has a old debt to settle. I believe this debt to be a final promise to Zephiniah Mann. A promise that his sons would not get the Gravel Lands, and that means Redmond Mann, Blutarch Mann ,and Grey Mann. The only way that would happen is if they died at the same time, or not at all. But Grey Mann came into the equation and ruined the plans. Now the only way to keep the promise was to outlive the last Mann and inherit the Gravel Lands, thus the great Australium race going on now.

Now we are on the home stretch and will be covering the last merc, the Demo, and I am really excited for his theory, I was so into it that I forgot about this one. It is and has been in the works for a about a month now and I am just smoothing some rough edges. It will be tying most things together and wrapping up the main series. Hopefully by then I will have the discord up and running at the best I can do for now.
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