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TF2 Theorys: Demo

Postby clulessgamer » October 31st, 2016, 11:07 pm

Spooky scary theories, send shivers down your soul, shrieking ideas will shock your soul, seal your mind tonight. Happy All Hallows Eve, and now we come to Tavish, the drunkard, bomb laying, Scottish, demo knight. Now what could be wrong with Tavish, he is over 1000 years old? Nope. He is possessed by his swords. Guess again. Ummmm, he is a... Forget it I will tell you already. There is nothing wrong with him. Well other than the fact that he is in a coma. Each of the mercs people he witnessed in the past and how he viewed them. The maps were all the places he has visited in the past. And Merasmus and his missing eye? Well we will get to that later. So as usual, we will be looking at his weaponry, cosmetics, and how he acts.

1. Well let us look at one of his most iconic weapons, the Eyelander. Now it appears to be based off of the basic magic sword making methods of the past. Mythology has it that if a hero of legends needed a special sword often a blacksmith would often infuse the swords with souls but mainly the blacksmith's soul or the hero's soul. The most iconic one is the Muramasa. A sword that once drawn it has to draw blood before it can be returned to its scabbard, even to the point of forcing its wielder to wound himself or commit suicide. Now this was supposedly done by transfusing a demon's soul into the blade that makes it's owner go into a blood lust rage upon laying his eyes on the blade. And we can even see this with the Half-Zatoichi. Anyways back to the Eyelander, this seems to be based off of the Wallace Sword that is said to have killed thousands of swords men. Now all of the mystical properties are legends, which was told to Tavish by his mother when he was a child.

2. The cosmetics are all based on folklore, popular stories, and comics. They are based off of mythical beast, like Cthulhu, werewolves, ancient knights, and even comical items. This section was a bit harder to write just because how random his cosmetics are.

3. We can even see in the early comics that he will willingly betray his old friend just for a new "toy" and vica versa over a childish argument. And in Ring of Fired we see him in a slump, almost a tantrum over not getting what he wants, to kill people. And we see him perk up immediately and rush out the door moments later clean shaven and in his usual getup, when just seconds before he was scraggly and wearing a bathrobe. I say this because the sentence was immediately continued from the previous panel, otherwise there would be this huge gap in where he says to get ready, then runs out the door yelling a job. Again very childish of him.

4. Before we tie it all together I want to add one more factor. He is a child. A child beat by his father during a drunken rage. A child who had been through much abuse, and even lost a eye to that abuse. He tried to get through life normally and his mother tries to cheer him up by telling him old folklore stories, read all the comics he wants, watch all the TV he wants, just to cheer up a small child who has had his life ruined by abusive people. His father(the Bombinomicon) and his friend(Merasmus) would every weekend go out and get drunk out of their skulls(thus the skull on Merasmus's head). However one fateful Halloween night his father came home, "exploded" with anger and beat Tavish while his friend(we will now call him Murray) sat there and watched, too drunk to realize what is going on. Soon after Murray realized what happened and killed Tavish's father. Murray realized what he did and would then come every holiday to help with the family and even do little magic tricks, however on Halloween Tavish sees him as something different, a monstrous wizard who uses the Bombinomicon to ruin lives. One day Murray came to the house drunk and blamed Tavish for killing the dad, beating him till he fell into a coma. Tavish was rushed to a hospital where he was hooked up to life support. This whole time he has been imagining things from his child hood. The Soldier, a stereotypical American soldier who loves explosives because that's all he knows they are like. The Heavy, his childhood friend who was never allowed outside the house and named all his toys. The Medic, the vet who could not save his pet's life after it was seriously injured, and Tavish blamed him for it. The Pyro, after seeing the frontline war images. The Scout, a baseball player that he admired but witnessed his struggles. The Engineer, after playing with his toy robots and wondered what they would be like if they could walk and talk. The Spy, how he imagined a Bond like figure that he had read about and dreamed of fighting along side of him. The Sniper, a bully who kept his distances and made his targets hurt be through it his painful slingshot or humiliating the target, even going as far as throwing bottles of his urine at them. And the Demo himself, using all the folklore that his mother used to tell him, of ghostly swords, his ancestors creating explosives, massive battles over a castle. Always the hero of his own story, the one who launches headfirst into battle. It is his own little world, one that he is not likely to wake up from, one that where he controls his life, not the sad way that it actually happened.

And this wraps up the mercs and all their issues. I am honestly sad to see them go, but I may or may not have some ideas for some theories for Saxton Hale and other games. If you guys could let me know what you thought of the series, and what could be improved, I would greatly appreciate that.
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Re: TF2 Theorys: Demo

Postby SmithyB » November 17th, 2016, 3:04 am

Yeah~ no

you sir are crae-crae
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