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New Casual Meta

Postby DrSleyy » November 1st, 2016, 8:01 pm

So my roommate and I have been having fun after watching a few of SoundSmithTF2's videos on YouTube and have been doing some new Casual Meta things, like stock uber medic+Boston Basher scout for the "Flava Flav" scout or the Panic Attack Fat Scouts. All of them stupid; all of the hilarious and fun, especially when the enemy team is too surprised to do anything to stop us. I want to post up here to see other suggestions for the NEW CASUAL META so that either we get destroyed together or we destroy the enemy together and we have a lot of fun with this. There has been talk of us reviving my YouTube channel with some of these videos, too (Credit will be given to He/She who comes up with the meta first), but don't quote me on this. Right now I just wanna have fun with this and see where it goes.
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