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MvM Discussion

Postby LennyLegend800 » February 24th, 2017, 3:24 am

MvM is by far my favorite gamemode outside of Skiver, And I was wondering what all your opinions are on the gamemode (Objective, Gameplay, etc.)

Personally, for me, it's the entire boot camp section. It's noob city. Almost half of the people I play with are noobs that either:
A. Play sniper (and suck)
B. Play scout (and not collect money)
C. Instruct their team when they themselves have no idea what to do.
D. People who could actually aim for once.

Im not salty about the current missions Ive done on boot camp, there is no reason to get because you don't get any rewards for winning in boot camp other than random item drops.
What Im saying is, there should be a feature to MvM (similar to F2Ps trading) where a F2P MUST make their first purchase in the Mann Co. store to access MVM, eliminating at least a good majority of inexperienced players OR to access difficult missions ABOVE intermediate to pay the first time in the Mann Co. store.

The upside to F2P players being in the game mode is that they now have at least some knowledge of what to do in MvM after a good several missions completed (such as class roles, upgrade choices, and robot knowledge). It's good to have boot camp because its perfect practice for F2P's in the other challenges ahead (Mann Up, bragging rights, etc.).

ALSO, What I would like to see is more maps for Intermediate and Advances, really sick and tired of Coal Town and Rottenburg. MvM is a much ignored game mode on Valves part, because mainly nothing has changed for quite a while. I would like to see an improvement to the gameplay and even some new enemies (Such as SMG robots, Sticky Demos, Dead Ringer Spies).

:mrgreen: Feel free to tell me your opinions :mrgreen:
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Re: MvM Discussion

Postby Animus » February 24th, 2017, 10:04 am

:O I pub on MvM every so often. :d Bothers me the most that scouts won't collect Dosh. >^< And I think the F2P Lockout is a horrible Idea. Using that Logic, I'd still be consider Free 2 Play (I never bought anything from the Mann Co. Store, and a lot of other people probably haven't either.) It would be a neat if there was a Tutorial though. :O And something new would be nice too. =w=
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