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Event Hosting

Postby Phaiz » October 6th, 2014, 9:46 am

There have been multiple, and sometimes private, events hosted on our servers by individuals. Because of this I am creating a basic event hosting program.

In order to rent a server you will need to discuss it with me at least three days in advance.
The event host ONLY will be given the ability to kick players and change the map, anyone who is already an admin will have their normal powers as well.
Server can be password protected if the event is private.

Server used - TBD
Cost - 1 key per two hours
Event - any
Map - any**

If you are wanting to host a private event for a limited number of people, you can gather their Steam IDs for whitelisting (only Steam IDs on the list will be able to join) or you can use a password

You may request that a specific non-critical plugin be disabled. You may request that a plugin (approved by me) be installed for your event. Adding several plugins may increase cost.

*Must be paid in advance.
**If it is a custom map, you will need to send it to me for hosting.

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