Map pack downloads for Prop Hunt and Freak Fortress

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Map pack downloads for Prop Hunt and Freak Fortress

Postby Phaiz » July 11th, 2016, 9:40 pm

I've put together several maps for both game modes and hosted them for anyone to download if you want to avoid possibly long download times when the server is changing maps.

Neither of these packs is "complete" as in I do not know what is popular and what is not. Feel free to browse the maps and provide feedback as to which popular maps are missing and which included maps are rarely liked or played.

PH Maps - 314mb

FF2 Maps - 70mb

Included with each download is a simple guide explaining where to place the maps.

Navigate to your "../Team Fortress 2/tf/download/" directory

Drag and drop the entire maps folder into this directory. If it asks to overwrite any existing maps, you must allow it if you wish to play that map on our server

The server is currently online if anyone wants to give it a shot however it is not ready for "public" use as some final touch ups and/or testing is needed. This should be finished by tomorrow.
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