The NEW Skiver Seeder Program - It got easier!

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The NEW Skiver Seeder Program - It got easier!

Postby Phaiz » August 7th, 2017, 6:07 pm

The Seeder program has been redesigned due to last years removal of quick play. If you become a Seeder you will be given perks - details below.

This is the post for the old program if you are curious

What's changed?

- The maximum number of players connected for you to receive a point has been increased (This means the server can have more players and you can still gain Seeder status)
- The minimum number of players connected for you to receive a point has been decreased (This means the server needs less players than before for you to earn a point)
- The number of points required to gain Seeder status has been decreased from 3 to 2

There is no need to "sign up" for this. It is completely automatic and will work with anyone who is not an admin or an active donor. Admins and active Donors will have access to the Seeder perks as they are also part of the Donor perks.

In order to become a Seeder you must meet specific criteria:
- There must be 17 or less players on the server when you join. If you are the 17th (or previous) player you will have met the requirements so far
- There must be at least 18 players on the server before you leave
- You have to do this on two different days on one server within a Sunday to Sunday week

Meeting these requirements will automatically place you into a Seeder group for seven days. This could take a couple of hours to kick in and may require a reconnect. Meeting the requirements again before your week expires will add an additional seven (7) days to your perks - this is cumulative. Not meeting the requirements before your week expires will remove your perks once your week expires. Seeding a server can also happen at any time of day thus allowing everyone an opportunity to get this going.

Seeder Rewards:
- No ads in game
- 13 extra Stamm chat tags
- 10 extra Stamm chat colors
- All "normal" Stamm chat tags and colors**

How to find your Seeder status:
We have a page setup that will show each player who has seeded a server at least once during the current Sunday-Sunday week
This page can be viewed here. Here you can find your name (if you have seeded), which dates you seeded, which server you seeded and how many times you have seeded. Red blocks mean you have not met the 2 point requirement. Green blocks mean you have met the 2 point requirement.

You can see which Stamm features are given to Seeders on the updated Stamm Database page as it has been added as one of the groups. Once you become a seeder, that page will also show you your current Seeder expiration date.

**Please see example below. Note the actual Stamm points at the top and the Seeder status at the bottom


Here are a few basic examples:

- You join an empty server and invite a few friends. Those friends join and invite a few others. If you leave when the server has only reached 17 players, you do not get credit. If you leave when there are 18 players including you, a point is earned.

- You join a server that already has 16 players. If you stay until there are at least 18 other players you get a point.

- It's late and a previously full server is now down to 13 players. If you join and stay until there are at least 18 total players you get a point.
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