Reserved slots will be live tomorrow

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Reserved slots will be live tomorrow

Postby Phaiz » October 16th, 2017, 7:55 pm

This has been a slight issue with our Classwars server for some time as it can be 32/32 for hours on end especially when players are queued up to join when a slot opens. This means players often have to wait to join the server and admins are unable to join when they are urgently needed unless we kick a random player.

Beginning tomorrow all Skiver servers will have reserved slots up to the max player limit (32 on all servers). Seeders, Donors and admins will be able to join any server that is full with the console connect command. Ultimately this means anyone who is not a Seeder, Donor or admin can be kicked in order to free a slot. This also means any player who is in one of those groups will not be kicked for their slot.

Who gets kicked?
Spectators will be kicked first. If there are no spectators the player with the highest ping will be kicked regardless of score or connection time.

How can I avoid being kicked?
Become a Seeder
Become an Admin

Becoming a Seeder is incredibly easy and the best way to support this community. Currently the best time to help seed is before noon and doing so on any server (except Orange at this time) will earn a point towards your status.

How do I use this tool?
In order to take advantage of your Seeder or Donor status you will need to use the console connect command. Attempting to join a full server via the server browser (or any other link) will not work.

Example: connect IP:Port



All server IPs can be found in the server browser or here
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