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Brutal Doom multplayer

PostPosted: March 16th, 2017, 12:13 pm
by Anal Hamster Rides
So yeah, old school Doom multiplayer with the Brutal Doom mod. I found a server for deathmatch multiplayer and I wanna kinda get a skiver game night going.

Anyway, if you wanna play here's how. Go here and download the Zandornum 2.1.2 + Brutal Doom combo pack (

Unzip the contents and download this batch file

Drop the .bat file in the main zandornum folder and run Doomseeker.exe

Once in Doomseeker go to the searchbar and search for the Pikagiblets server (usually I just type "pika" and it comes up).

Join the server, it should prompt a download of several maps and mod wads, let it download them all. Once you do this just start the game and go into your options, set your controls, and enjoy.