My opinion on Mad Max *the game, not the movie*

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My opinion on Mad Max *the game, not the movie*

Postby A Raptor Petting Zoo » January 19th, 2017, 3:47 pm

had the game for around 4 days now and already have 30 Ish hours, its fun.
Car Combat:
You drive around in a custom built race car / war Machine / Human Fisher <(ill get that that last part in a moment)
so you go around, smash giant towers or scrap, pull down snipertowers, destroy convoys full of savages in supercharged rat-rods from hell.
Your weapons included are your trusty shotgun, a Weaponize harpoon cannon ^, Spikes, something called the THUNDERPOON, fire, and the car itself
sounds fun right?
well it is, but thats not all!
you usually half to get out of your car gather loot like scrap and other items, and savages dont like you taking there scrap, thats where foot combat comes in
On Foot Combat:
uses the arkham knight combat system, and i gotta say, its the best feeling when you PUNCH THE LIVING SHIT out of a group of war boys, the one with shields are a pain though.
also its a singleplayer open world game that will work in case of an internet failure or something like that
usually dont give scores, but in my opinion it was was a good 8/10

also its 20$ so its well worth a buy

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Team of Friend's vs Random's
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Re: My opinion on Mad Max *the game, not the movie*

Postby Justin » January 19th, 2017, 4:45 pm

Thought the game was fun but became repetitive from the mid-game onward. Good story though.
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