two men with heavy loads

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two men with heavy loads

Postby Doc ONeill » January 8th, 2015, 11:50 pm

I see two men leaving town towards the South and they both have a mule and a small cart and both carts seem to be overflowing.
things keep dropping out of them and they are making slow progress.
One man is gesturing and pulling his hair out. it seems that the man has to get his produce to the market before it spoils.
the other man begins to unpack his load onto the ground and then helps the man with the produce put half in his cart.
they move more quickly now and the vegetable man is happy but the other, the one who eased the other mans burden becomes resentful and abruptly stops and takes the produce out of his cart and turns around to go back to his stuff.
if only they had known that by rearranging both carts they could have evened the load and both would have gotten their goods to market in a quick fashion. But the man who helped to begin with was distrustful and scared that the vegetable man would steal his products or damage them or laugh at the quality of them so he would never allow the other man to carry his burden.

When we carry each others burdens the weight of them decreases and when we try to carry someone elses without allowing the other to shoulder some of the weight it is bound for disaster.
Doc ONeill
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